Mexican 7 Layer Dip Recipe (With Healthy Options!)

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Carefully add each layer to a flat glass pan. Or, use several smaller square containers. For quantities, use what feels right.

  1. Can of refried beans. (heat up first, and optionally mix in some taco/tex-mex spice, and/or can of chopped green chilis, and/or hot sauce)

  2. Sour Cream (optionally mix with some cream cheese and/or taco seasoning)

  3. Shredded/grated Cheese (cheddar, montary jack, or nacho/texmex cheese blend)

  4. Guacamole (or mash 2-3 avocados with salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic powder)

  5. Salsa

  6. Green Onions

  7. Chopped tomatoes

Finish by topping with some more cheese, and add olives if desired.

Ideas for making it healthier

  • Make a healthier homemade version of refried beans. Google it for different options, but one possibility is mashing up black or pinto beans and then frying with some olive oil and spices.
  • Use lower fat sour cream.
  • Add more fresh veggies (maybe try green peppers)
  • Try doing a 50/50 mix with sour cream & greek yogurt.