This is my web development toolbox.

I use a MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM, with an external monitor.

And these are the apps I use:


  • App launcher, file/web searcher, iTunes controller, and so much more!
  • For me, it replaced QuickSilver, which had replaced the built-in Spotlight.
  • Mapped to Command-Space

Notational Velocity

  • Superb note-taking.
  • Syncs with Simplenote web version, which syncs with the iPhone/iPad app — notes everywhere!
  • Accessed with Command-Shift-V

Dropbox (Referral link)

  • Adds a Dropbox folder to your computer that is synced across all devices. Works everywhere (Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS).
  • This is a good roundup of Dropbox tips: The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide

To Do / Task Management


  • Adds tabs to the OS X Finder
  • Essential to reduce window clutter!

Sublime Text 2

Vim Browser Extensions

  • These extensions provide Vim keybindings for web browsing.
  • Super-useful in my quest to never touch my mouse…
  • Vimium in Chrome
  • Vimperator in Firefox


Firefox with Firebug

  • Still the best for development, though Chrome’s dev tools are quite good
  • Use mostly Chrome these days.

Google Chrome

  • For anything other than development everything. Super fast!


  • FTP app, can also access S3 buckets. Don’t use FTP much anymore though…


  • Keep all your passwords in one place, and also good for storing software keys, and “wallet backup”


  • IM client, not much to say here

Cloud App

  • Best Feature: Auto-uploads screenshots and adds the URL to your clipboard


  • Helps keep files organized
  • Can run rules like “make files in the Downloads folder red that are older than 3 days”

Sequel Pro



  • Essential window management for large screens


And some online services I pay for (some of these are affiliate links):

  • Github Codebase  (See this post for why.)
  • Linode (VPS)
  • Webfaction (Hosting for side projects/staging sites.)
  • HTTPme (Reseller hosting for legacy clients)
  • Jungle Disk (To back up my work and home computers.)
  • Amazon Web Services (S3: Static asset hosting, and backup archival)
  • Netflix (Cancelled this for now. I was barley using it, and seldom watch TV/movies these days.)
  • Rdio (Great selection of music. I pay for the Unlimited plan, which allows syncing to your mobile. Replaces iTunes except for albums Rdio doesn’t have.)