Client: President’s Choice
Date: 2011
Tech: CakePHP, Facebook Integration

Involved creating a series of Facebook app to help promote President’s Choice Summer Insider’s Report (PC SIR).

There were 4 different parts of the app (I was responsible for the ones marked with *):

  • *Mini Mix + Match: Promotion for new mini burgers and hot dogs. Users picked their favourite burger, bun, and toppings, and then were given a randomly generated name for their creation.
  • World’s Tallest Ice Cream: Users could add a scoop of their favourite ice cream to try and build the world’s tallest ice cream cone.
  • Love It to Win It: Users could “love” products, and would be entered in a draw to win for doing so.
  • *Summer BBQ Tour: Events were held across the country to showcase PC SIR products. The app displayed a list of events in each province, with a link to the Facebook event for more info.