Low Carb Ideas & Recipes for Meals, Snacks, Lunches

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This is a collection of notes I made when looking for low carb snacks and meal ideas. The idea is to integrate more low-carb food choices into my diet, as it’s way too easy to eat too many carbs (pasta, bread, sweets). With healthier options for snacks and lunches readily available, that helps me make better food choices. Hopefully this list might give you a few new ideas to incorporate into your diet.

  • Roasted broccoli http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2008/11/the_best_brocco.html
  • broke ass gourmet http://brokeassgourmet.com/
  • When I tried gluten-free I discovered quinoa. It’s a grain that you can use pretty much whenever you’d use rice – and it’s super healthy. Really really easy to cook (rinse in a strainer, combine with one part quinoa to two parts water, bring to boil and boil covered for 15 mins).
  • I like to combine quinoa, beans (I like black beans) and corn to make a pseudo-Mexican bowl. For extra flavor I usually add a little lime juice. A little bit of shredded cheese also helps. You can also add grilled steak or chicken.
  • ground chicken/turkey and curry chickpea stew http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2010/05/recipe-for-chicken-or-turkey-and.html
  • You’ll probably like this woman’s recipes: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/category/recipes/. She’s pretty much paleo, but she calls it “dino-chow.” I have made several of her recipes and they’re all really good! She is a total foodie, and uses more vegetables than I’ve seen in other paleo recipes.
  • Do you eat cottage cheese? I mix 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese (full fat for satiety and to avoid thickeners) with 1/2 and apple and a stalk or two of celery. Sometimes I top it with chopped walnuts. You could substitute jicama for the apple, or just have all cottage cheese to avoid the fruit. It’s very satisfying and low carb.
  • Microwave flax bread http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=221021. (Note that the recipe calls for ground flax, not whole flax seed. I buy the whole seeds and grind them in an electric coffee grinder that I only use for flax.) I like to eat this warm for breakfast slathered with butter and a little sugar-free jam. It’s a nice change from meat-cheese-eggs all the time.
  • Jambalaya (I don’t use a recipe – basically onion, celery, peppers, garlic, diced tomato, cajun spice mix lean sausage and shrimp)

Source: http://ask.metafilter.com/192966/What-are-your-favorite-low-carb-snacks-and-meals-without-tons-of-cheese-and-nuts

  • cottage cheese with peaches/applesauce/melon/tomatoes
  • hummus and veggies
  • apples and peanut butter or apples with sharp cheese
  • guacamole and apples, baby carrots
  • goat cheese spread on a romaine lettuce leaf, put on some sliced tomato and roll up
  • wasabi peas or wasabi almonds
  • tzatziki (shredded cucumber plain thick yogurt) and wasa crispbread
  • pineapple chunks and cottage cheese
  • I eat a lot of nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts. Beware of the carb counts on cashews.
  • Celery is my go-to for putting spreads on (that I used to use crackers for) so celery and hummus, guacamole, goat cheese, almond butter, etc.
  • String cheese or hard cheese (e.g. aged gouda, parmigiano reggiano, dry jack.) Cheese generally.
  • Avocados are generally awesome as low carb snacks.
  • Hard-boiled eggs, which are egg dishes, but good for snacks.
  • Almond butter on a spoon. I’ve gotten good at eating things on spoons that I used to eat on crackers or apples or other high carb things.
  • Full-fat greek yogurt, if you have fridge access for your snacks.
  • Small amounts of good dark chocolate.
  • Roasted Chickpeas http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/roasted-chickpeas/detail.aspx

Source: http://ask.metafilter.com/195402/Easy-lowcarb-vegetarian-snacks-and-meals